Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kentucky restaurant serves up roadkill!

Brendan Spaar likes the roadkill cafe
The next time you walk into a restaurant, Brendan Spaar advises you to pay close attention to the health inspection sheet that is posted near the entrance.  This sheet tells customers how well the food they are about to eat is prepared among other things.  Customers like Katie Hopkins who dined at the Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg Kentucky had no idea that they may actually be eating roadkill.  One day restaurant workers came in with a giant garbage can.  That's a little odd first of all to wheel a garbage can in through the front entrance in front of your customers and back into the kitchen.  What's even stranger though is that a tail was hanging out of the can!  A health inspector named Paul Lawson was called to the restaurant and he confirmed that the roadkill was indeed in the kitchen.  Now the explanation that the restaurant gives is that they found a deer on the side of the road and were going to butcher it in their kitchen for their own personal use.  I guess they didn't realize that in doing so they would contaminate all of the other food.  This makes me want to go inspect the kitchen of the next restaurant I eat at.  I will also keep my eyes open for large garbage cans with animal parts hanging out of them.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Neighbors sold puppy on Craigslist

That title may be a little misleading.  At first glance you would think: What's wrong with that? Right?  Well what if your neighbors sold YOUR puppy on the popular classifieds site Craigslist?  That changes things a little doesn't it?  Apparently Bailey, a Rottweiler puppy wandered with a golden retriever mix into the wrong yard last month and was promptly put up for adoption on the site .  The woman who put the puppy up on the site apparently called sherrif deputies asking what she should do with the dogs that came onto her property.  Obiously this woman has never seen dogs before if she doesn't know what to do when strange ones come on your property.  Brendan Spaar would have looked for a tag on the dog or put signs up in the neighborhood.  The good news is that police arrested and charged the woman for not making enough effort to find the dog's owner before selling it on Craigslist.  What a weird world we live in.


Monday, October 1, 2012

American Express to pay customers it over charged

American Express has said that it is going to pay out more than $85 million to customers that were charged late fees illegally.  Brendan Spaar is not sure how a late fee could be applied illegally but apparently they were.  More curious is that American Express is also hit with false promises of money rewards that never materialized and discriminating against applicants over the age of 35.  I had to read that second part twice because I always thought that this card was for people over the age of 35.  I am 31 years old and do not own an American Express because I am not in the financial capacity to spend enough to make up for the $75 a year charge to possess the card.  American Express isn't the only credit card company in hot water right now.  Earlier this year Discover and Capital One had to pay up.  Chase hasn't been hit yet so when someone asks me "what's in your wallet?" I can honestly say that it's not one of the Big Bad 3...