Monday, October 8, 2012

Neighbors sold puppy on Craigslist

That title may be a little misleading.  At first glance you would think: What's wrong with that? Right?  Well what if your neighbors sold YOUR puppy on the popular classifieds site Craigslist?  That changes things a little doesn't it?  Apparently Bailey, a Rottweiler puppy wandered with a golden retriever mix into the wrong yard last month and was promptly put up for adoption on the site .  The woman who put the puppy up on the site apparently called sherrif deputies asking what she should do with the dogs that came onto her property.  Obiously this woman has never seen dogs before if she doesn't know what to do when strange ones come on your property.  Brendan Spaar would have looked for a tag on the dog or put signs up in the neighborhood.  The good news is that police arrested and charged the woman for not making enough effort to find the dog's owner before selling it on Craigslist.  What a weird world we live in.


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