Friday, August 23, 2013

Georgia Tech offers online Masters Program

Beginning in January of 2014, the Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) plans to partner with Udacity to offer a master's degree in Computer Science through an online course for a fraction of the cost a student would pay on campus. The rising debt for students because of student loans is currently under a hot debate in this country with President Obama touring the nation to speak about his plans for reducing the cost of college. Brendan Spaar believes that one way to reduce the cost of college is to take advantage of online course offerings like this. The price of the online course at Georgia Tech is around $6,600 ­which is much less than the $45,000 on-campus price. To make things even better, the courses will be online and free for those not seeking a degree! A developer in the IT industry would be crazy not to take advantage of this program. Companies such as Udacity and institutions like Georgia Tech are charged with making college more affordable. Let's hope that more companies and institutions participate in this program. Source:

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