Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brendan Spaar bio

Brendan Spaar attends Sunday services at the North Point Community Church and is a volunteer for the Humane Society of Forsyth County Georgia. Brendan Spaar graduated from college with a computer degree. Brendan Spaar is employed in the computer industry and  has received awards for his work. In his free time Brendan Spaar loves to take photographs of the nature and scenery around the Cumming Ga area. There are many photos of Brendan Spaar posed with rock bands that played in concert when he went to school. Brendan Spaar attended his high school reunion.
Brendan Spaar is running 4 miles since 2008 and hopes to work up to 6 miles. In 31 short months Brendan Spaar will be ready to take on the challenge. Brendan Spaar attends a book club every Tuesday with 3 friends.

Brendan Spaar would like to take video classes over the internet at Lanier Tech in South Forsyth.  High School is when Brendan Spaar developed a hobby for video production.  Brendan Spaar watches America's Funniest Videos, Home Improvement HGTV shows, Arrested Development & CNN.  The Social Network is a movie that Brendan Spaar has watched based on the creation a website called Facebook which is a social media site.

You can find Brendan Spaar engaged in his passion for computer technology and he is searching for ideas for a new home office.  Brendan Spaar is  investigating  whether Apple is the better computer maker.  Brendan Spaar has used several Windows PCs since he was a child.  Brendan Spaar is charged with finding the latest technology for his job.

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