Monday, July 30, 2012

Is NBC ruining the Olympics?

With all of the networks that NBC owns, you'd think that they could find a way to air the big events LIVE and then reair them tape-delayed for those of us who work.  This is 2012 where nearly everyone has a DVR.  They also shouldn't be narrating or editing the opening or closing ceremony.  Let the American's enjoy it the way it was meant to be seen, unfiltered!

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By now everyone has heard the news of George Carlin’s exit and have dealt with it in their own way.  The news hit me like a brick last week.  I had just seen Carlin in October at the Fox Theatre.  He was warming up material for his upcoming HBO Special.  He looked old but no one there knew that in six months time he would no longer be writing new material for the next special.  If you saw the special you'll notice that he was a little morbid and it had me wondering all week if he knew this would be the last laugh.

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