Saturday, September 21, 2013

Applebee's calls police on loud children

This appears to be Brendan J Spaar holding a very large lens arrest mugshot photo
This is a story that just warms the heart of Brendan Spaar. Every now and then a restaurant does the right thing and holds parents accountable for their children. An Applebee's in Houston Texas had a problem the other night. You see, Lillian Maliti, the mother of 1 year old Ethan and 3 year old Ryan was allegedly eating there that night. Lillian and her husband, Eli Gau, reportedly began arguing loudly so the restaurant called the police and kicked them out. That prompted Mr. Gau to feel entitled so he called the police, wasting tax payer money and tying up emergency lines with his nonsense. Unfortunately, Applebee's has no backbone and is taking the customer's side, inviting them back for what will probably be a completely free meal. This should be a lesson to Americans. Act obnoxious and loud and when the restaurant kicks you out, demand a free meal. What happened to being civilized? No one likes noisy bratty children and for once, a restaurant took a stand. It's a shame that corporate did not side with the restaurant. Brendan Spaar does not endorse the statements made above.