Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mysterious man found living in college basement

Brendan Spaar Photography
This story might freak you out a little bit. Apparently a group of Ohio State University students stumbled across a man named Jeremy that had been living in their basement for some time. Mark Hartman, a 21 year old senior at the college, was really freaked out because 2 of the 10 people staying in the house (yes, 10 people in one house!) were females and there were no locks on the doors. Brendan Spaar thinks this was some sort of hippie compound. The rental company, NorthSteppe Realty did not do a good enough inspection of the house before renting it, the students allege. Now the students are using this case to get free rent for a few months. Jeremy turned out to be an OK guy but they still made him move out. This just goes to show that you should probably check every room in your new house before you move in. You never know who is going to be squatting.


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