Thursday, August 23, 2012

Proving honesty through tea?

This company called Honest Tea conducted a giant marketing campaign/social survey across the country to see which cities had the most honest people.  Kiosks of tea bottles were setup at sporting events and patrons were asked to leave a dollar in a jar if they wanted the beverage.  It was all on the honor system.  I have a problem calling this anything other than a marketing campaign because of where the survey was conducted.  The venues were all secure with the people inside having already paid to be there.  Everyone in attendance had the expectation of being monitored at all times so that probably influenced their honesty a little bit.  If they would have put the stand on a busy street corner in New Orleans or Atlanta I'm sure they would have had vastly different results.

Statistics from an undercover observer showed that visitors paid for the drink 91 percent of the time. That put New Orleans in a tie for 20th, with Atlantic City, N.J., San Antonio and Atlanta out of 30 cities where the experiment was conducted.


Brendan Spaar contributed to this blog post.

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